GROUP Transfer policy/pick up MALDIVES

Doni exclusively picks up from HulhulMale Island, with two points of pickup:

  • Airport jetty
  • Lakudi jetty

The pick-up window is from 11:00 to 14:00. The exact pick-up time will be communicated one day before the cruise begins. This allows us to organize guests based on flight times or hotel locations.

Pick-up is not possible before 11 am due to Dhoni unloading the previous group.
If arrival is earlier than 11 am, the diver may need to wait until the specified pick-up time, considering at least an hour to disembark after landing.
Boat boarding is not allowed after 14:00. To ensure a smooth experience, arriving one day early on Friday, checking into a hotel on HulHul Male Island, and awaiting collection on Saturday from the central pier is strongly recommended.