Best of Maldives

Central route is ideal for the divers who want to enjoy the best of the Maldives and to visit some of its most famous dive sites.

Routes are indicative. They can change with the seasons. Visits of exact mentioned atolls and dive sites are not guaranteed. 

These are dive guide and Boat captain  who will select best dive sites based on seasons and weather conditions.

  • 16-17 dives over 6 dive days included
  • Minimum level required: CMAS 2*, AOWD Padi, 50 logged dives,
  • Departure / return : Male

A day onboard (scheduled times): 

  • Sunrise: Tea, coffee, and the first dive 
  • 8.30 am: Continental & local breakfast
  • 9.30-10.30 am: Navigation 
  • 10.30 am: Some days the first or second dive
  • 12.30 pm: Lunch with fresh fish, vegetables, rice, fruit, local or international food
  • 2 pm: Navigation or second dive
  • 4 pm: visits islands 
  • Sunset: Night Dive (1 per week)
  • 6.30 p.m : relax time
  • 8 pm : Dinner 

Some atolls and dive sites which supposed to be visited during the week

North Male:

Lankan Manta Point – Located on the east side of North Male Atoll, this site consists of a gentle slope ending on a sandy bottom. During the southwest monsoon, manta rays come to enjoy the cleaning stations.

Nassimo Thila – In addition to the main Thila, there are four stone blocks that are washed by the current and host a beautiful landscape with soft corals and a diverse and varied wildlife

Sunlight Thila – On a sandy bottom 18 meters-100 ft, three small coral blocks are home to a multitude of wrasses. The Mantas love this place to get clean from September to late November.

Back Faru – Ideal for a first dive to start the cruise, outer reef of the island of Hulumale, lots of moray including the beautiful leopard moray.

Banana Thila – A Thila full of fish. Trevally, napoleons, turtles, oriental sweetlips, and yellow snappers profusely

South Male

Cocoa Corner and Kandhooma Thila – There is no one way to dive this pass-rich pelagic life: one can start from Cocoa Corner and join Kandhooma Thila, which is in the middle of the channel. Or you can dive in the middle of the pass and slide down the 200 meters Thila length. With outgoing current, it’s one of the best places to see the gray sharks getting cleaned.

Guraidhoo Kandu – A Deep channel that sinks shaped stairs; it is also an ideal place for meeting eagle rays and sharks schools.

Emboodoo Kandu – So close to North Male and so beautiful! Gray sharks, napoleons, and big schools of eagle rays.

North Ari:

Maaya Thila – With a diameter of 60 meters Maaya Thila is a nature reserve full of surprises. Popular for night dives, one can see many turtles and sharks. The plateau at 6 meters depth is great to end your dive.

Fesdu Wreck – This small wreck lies on a sandy bottom 30 meters next to garden eels. A little further west is a small Thila filled with anemones and macro life. It is also one of the preferred sites to see the toadfish.

Fish Head – Superb Thila! Gray sharks, reef sharks, jacks, turtles, and schools of bannerfish make it an unforgettable dive. 

Fesdu Lagoon – Night dive with Manta Ray… Interested?

Moofushi Kandu ou Corner – Splendid dive. Depending on the season to see in a single dive, eagle rays, napoleon, gray sharks, and Mantas! What else!

South Ari:

Dhigga Thila – This dive site is a Thila 150 meters long where one finds overhung cavities of soft corals of all colors. The Dive ends on a plateau filled with Acropora tables that leaves no one indifferent.

Kudarah Thila – Small Thila with thousands of fish. Kingfish, yellow snapper, the field of anemone full of clownfish. Large groupers. A must! 

5 rocks – One of the finest examples of biodiversity in the Maldives. Huge sea fans and soft corals and tropical fish galore.

Kahambu Thila – For turtle lovers. An exclusivity of Seafari Maldives. 

Maamigili HR – Outer reef where you can regularly see whale sharks and leopard Sharks.


Miyaru Kandu – Great channel with a school of thirty resident gray reef sharks. Eagle rays and Napoleon will also join the show. 

Alimatha HR – Exceptional night diving, with black tips sharks, stingrays, jacks inoblilis, and numerous nurse sharks. 

Fotteyo Kandu – Undoubtedly one of the best diving in the Maldives. Exceptional soft corals in the overhangs, eagle rays, and gray sharks …