Deep south expedition: Secrets of Zabargad

Itinerary Secrets of Zabargad

A unique expeditionary and research route to the Far South of the Red Sea with an emphasis on the island Zabargad and includes four  zones: the islands of Zabargad, Rocky, St Johns, Sataya-Fury Shoal.

The boat will be on the islands of Rocky and Zabargad for at least 2 days.

Usually carried out on Zabargada 2 dives. As part of this safari, it is supposed to visit all sides, the lagoon, and the Russian spy shipwreck

– Walls and bluing on Rocky island, morning dive on Rocky – high chances to meet sharks.

Zabargad is a big island. There are many opportunities for exploration here.

The southern part of the island is the most famous, it is the magnificent coral steps with sandy steps smoothly descending to the depths. A unique place for all levels of training, often meet turtles, moray eels, dolphins come. “Coral Gardens” in the south is a great place for 2-3 dives.

A sunken ship at the old pier on the eastern part of the island Zabargad is a special highlight. The wreck lies against the wall of the reef to the south of the strictly pier inside the lagoon. The wreck starts at a depth of 5 meters and descends to 24 meters. It is covered with corals on the outside and is an object of extraordinary beauty for research. Near the wreck there are small caverns that add zest to diving. This wreck “Hanka” is surrounded by rumors.

On the ship, plates with serial numbers have been preserved, which make it possible to “decipher” the origin of the ship. At least two dives will be here. Both research. The dive ends on a coral wall, which, like a corridor, takes divers out of the lagoon. We will reveal the secret of this sunken ship in full.

The exploration part consists of diving in the West and North of the island, where there are practically no dives, all the guides we know have not dived there for the last 10 years, we will go west and north to update the information. An alternative for those who don’t want to “experiment” is to dive on the coral steps in the south.

An overnight stay at Zabargad will provide one of the best night dives in the Red Sea at Zabargad Island.

The route is complemented by star reefs in the far south as the mother of the caves, star sites at Sataya fury shoal, Disneyland, Claudio, Malachi, Dolphin House, encounters with dolphins are practically guaranteed.

References to Zabargad were found at the time of the Roman Empire. The name of Zabargad comes from the semi-precious stone – peridot (green with golden hue) “zaberged” in Arabic which had been found here. Mines operated in Pharaonic Egypt are abandoned now.

On Rocky all sides are drop off. In a strong current you find a lot of sharks on South point of Island and in all conditions – drifts. At Rocky water color is specific blue and perfect visibility up to 80 meters.

Very nice place, rich underwater world, once visited the island remains forever in the memory and dream to come back. 

St Johns collect coral reefs at the southern end of the Egyptian Red Sea close to the Tropic of Cancer and the Zabargad island. The reef system St Johns includes more than 10 different reefs and to explore St Johns one week cruise not enough. That why in connection with islands only 3-4 main St Johns dive sites can be visited.

On the way back to Marsa Alam we visit Fury Shoal – Sataya. Dive sites of theMiddle Red Sea 40km south of Hamata, it is well-known dive sites: Maksur, Claudia, Malahy, Abu Galawa and Sataya.

The itinerary is very full and diverse, recommended to all divers.

The cruise program:

SaturdayArrival, transfert, boat accomodation at Marina Marsa Galeb
SundayStart sailing from Marina Marsa Alam, 2 dives and night navigation to Rocky, Zabargad
Monday4 dives Rocky, Zabargad included 1 night dive in case of good weather conditions
Tuesday4 dives Rocky, Zabargad included 1 night dive in case of good weather conditions
Wednesday4 dives, St Johns included 1 night dive
Thursday4 dives Fury Shoal-Sataya included 1 night dive
Friday2 dives Marsa Alam area and back to Marina Marsa Alam
SaturdayCheck-out after breakfast

The order of the reefs and the quantity of dives can be changed for the logistic reasons or weather condition.