Brothers, Daedalus, Elfinstone

BDE  starts from Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb and includes two Marin parks of the Egyptian Red sea. This itinearary is open for advanced divers only why made not less than 50 logged dives and is charged by navigation hours. But here you see really golden dive sites of the Red sea.

Red sea dive safari route BrothersDaedalusElfinstone is known as “Simply the best” or “Golden triangle of the Red sea”. It includes Brother Islands, Daedalus reef and Elfinstone reef. Brothers and Daedalus are Egyptian Marine parks since 1998. Another name of this itinerary is “shark route”. For advanced divers only who have made more than 50 dives in open water. Brothers Islands and Daudelus are achievable for divers only by liveaboard. The route includes three night transition (from Ghaleb to the Brothers – 6-8 hours from the Brothers to Daedalus about 6 hours and from Daudelus to Elphinstone – 8 hours).

Sunday we make check dive and 2nd dive on local sites and boat goes to Brothers and stay on Brothers only 1 day conformining new Egypt rules implemented from March 2019. 

Big Brother. Attraction on land here is a lighthouse built by the British in 1880. The lighthouse had a simple system: normal paraffin lantern lens. Light had benn extended up to 27 km. Marine police employees which work on lighthouse normally allow divers to make a tour of lighthouse, take photos and videos. Guests can see the lighthouse like it was in 19th century. The underwater world of Brothers is great. Both islands from all sides have drop off walls.On the North part of Big Brother are 2 wrecks: Numidia, crashed in 1901, and Aida, in 1857. Both wrecksare covered with soft and hard corals and are home to fish, moray eels.Other underwater attraction point of Big Brother is South plateau. Gray reef sharks are circling round and here there is a big chance to see Trasher shark, Whitetip shark and other deep-sea fishers. Big Brother is also known by big gorgonian.
Little Brother. At the walls of Little brother everything that lives in the Red sea is expected to be seen but Sharks are the reason for many divers to come and dive in this site specially the Hummer heads and the Big Gray reef shark. Currents at this site are very confusing and unoredictable. Divers should always aware of the down currents that are caused by the low tides at the Northern tip of the reef and the Eastern wall.Next dive point is Daedalus. 
Daedalus or Abu Kizan. The first name is given to the reef by admiralty charts. The second name’s origine is arabic word “kizan” mean “pottery” as there is a Wreck at the Northern side of the reef that had a kargo of pottery. In present time the wreck is totally destroyed by waves. Main attraction points on Daedalus are marine life, south plateau and dramatic walls at the North, West and East. Hummer heads paradise is here, you can see also oceanic white tip sharks, shoals of fishes, barracudas, tunas… 

Due to safety reasons nights dives on Brothers and Daedalus are not provided at all. In summer period we arrange up to 4 day-dives, in winter time 3 day-dives guaranteed. Claimed number of dives is not guaranteed, the final amount depends on weather conditions, a particular week, the special conditions of the contract, if any.

Elfinstone – a star dive site north of Marsa Alam. This name was given by international marine shart. The arabic name Shagra means Blondie. If you are moored at the reef on a sunny morning, when you look at the shore, you will see a solitarily bright red mountain which is called Shagra Mountain or The Blondie Mountain. There are two versions of the international name Elfinstone “stone of elves” and “elephant”.  The absence of this reef in the list of marine parks looks like misunderstanding. Elfinstone is known by unpredictable currents.

The reef is located almost in the direction from north to south (NNW-SSE), a length  is 350 m and a width is 70 meters. There are unlimited points of attaction at this reef and they are all related to the extremely generous reef formation and its location. You can find big marine life hanging around the reef on all sides, at different depths of blue water. On the north there are two plateaus: on -20m and on -40m. This is a perfect sharks points. There is a chance to meet hammerheads especially early morning. The southern plateau descends slowly till 40 m and after 40 drop off.

The itinerary is intense and full of places. 

Dive cruise program: Brothers – Daedalus reef – Elfinstone. 

SaturdayArrival, transfert to the boat, accomodation and breifing
Sunday2-3 local dives
Monday3-4 dives Brothers
Tuesday3-4  dives Daedalus
Wednesday3-4 dives Daedalus
Thursday3-4 dives Elfinstone, and area
Friday2 dives and marina
Saturday check out and transfer to the airport