Courses aboard

Specialty Courses: 
Nitrox course CMAS2 hours 100EUR+50EUR certificationNitrox course PADI 100EUR+85EUR book and certificationThe nitrox course allows you to use an air mixture with an increased oxygen content. This is a must-have for every diver, the right degree of freedom in choosing a mixture for the duration of the cruise.
Deep diver PADI course185EUR including books and certificationDeep diver CMAS course100EURAfter this course you will be allowed to make dives till 40meters depth, this is absolutely necessary for Advance open water certificate holder to make deep dives on Daedalus or Brothers and to not stay “under the group” on the allowed by their card depth which is 30 meters.During this course the diver learns emergency decompression procedures, how to plan deeper, safer dives, while understanding the risks involved in deep diving.
Certification Courses: 
Introduction to Scuba2 hours 140EURNon-divers discover the beauty of scuba diving under the guidance of a personal dive instructor, includes all equipment and 2 open water introduction dives.
Open Water CertificationOne week 350EUR+75EUR books and certification CMAS 1*One week 300EUR+50EUR certificationThe main course which is the first recognized step in scuba diving training knows as OPEN WATER COURS or CMAS 1 course. This course gives the fundamentals to become a confident and capable scuba diver.Upon successful completion of OWD or CMAS 1* course a diver received internationally recognized scuba diver license which can be used forever and wherever across the globe.OWD course or CMAS 1* both require starting lessons in swimming pool, but on easy route we can handle the course aboard. This course should be confirmed upfront as it is not possible for same liveaboard trip to arrange it.
Advanced Open Water CertificationOne week 200EUR+85EUR books and certification CMAS 2*One week 300EUR+50EUR certificationThis course is necessary to join any liveaboard trip. You can join with OWD and fulfill the AOWD course aboard. This course allow to make dives till 30meters (PADI) or 40meters CMAS 2* depth.