Pelagic trail: Big fish – hammerheads and dolphins

Explore the BIG STUFF of the sea during one week!

Embark on an unforgettable journey starting from Marina Marsa Alam, and venture into the Marine Park of the Egyptian Red Sea’s 2nd zone: Daedalus (Abu Kizan) and the reefs of Sataya – Fury Shoal.

Embark on our Pelagic Trail itinerary for an exhilarating week dedicated to encountering big pelagic species. From hammerhead sharks at Daedalus to dolphins at Sataya, this journey promises an unforgettable adventure amidst the vast and awe-inspiring marine wonders of the Red Sea. 

-Best highlights of all the big pelagic during just one week (Daedalus, Sataya, Elphinstone),

-Sataya dolphin house – snorkeling and scuba with dolphins,

-Sharky diving on Daedalus, Elphinstone (hammerheads),

-Up to 5 types of sharks,


-Caves, coral gardens on Sataya, 

-Daedalus lighthouse visit.

At Daedalus, be amazed by the rich marine life, the paradise for hammerhead sharks, oceanic white tips, shoals of fish, barracudas, and tunas. We offer up to 4 day-dives in summer time and up to 3 day-dives in winter time each day boat stays on Daedalus. Minimum 2 days on Daedalus guaranteed . Night dives on Daedalus are not available for safety reasons.

Elfinstone, a star dive site north of Marsa Alam, is a must-visit. The reef offers an abundance of attractions with unpredictable currents. From the north to the south, you’ll encounter big marine life in the blue waters at various depths. The north features two plateaus, perfect for spotting sharks and even hammerheads in the early morning. The southern plateau descends slowly to 40 meters before a dramatic drop-off.

Fury Shoal – Sataya, located in the “middle” south of the Red Sea, offers renowned dive sites like Maksur, Claudia, Malahy, and Abu Galawa. Don’t miss the chance to visit Dolphin House, a big lagoon with a sandy bottom where dolphins are spotted by mornings.

Please note that scuba diving is forbidden in Dolphin House, but snorkeling is allowed. The visibility is excellent, allowing you to observe dolphins as they surface.

This rich and diverse itinerary is recommended for experienced divers.

Join us for an amazing week of exploration: Daedalus – Sataya Fury Shoal – Elfinstone!

Start from marina Marsa Alam, come back to Marsa Alam. 

Week program:Daedalus – Sataya Futy Shoal – Elfinstone

Saturdaytransfer to the boat, accomodation,, briefing
Sunday2-3 dives Marsa Alam area
Monday3-4 dives Daedalus
Tuesday3-4 dives Daedalus
Wenesday4 dives Sataya-Fury Shoal
Thurday4 dives Sataya-Fury Shoal
Friday2 dives Marsa Alam et Elfinstone 
Saturday Check-out and transfer to the airport