St Johns

Itinerary ST JOHNS

St Johns is one of famous dive safari itinerary in the Egyptian Red Sea. Several corals reefs on the southern end of the Egyptian Red Sea are collected under this name. St Johns reefs are close to the Tropic of Cancer and Zabargad island.

Dive sites on St Johns give a lot of diversity. There are some dive sites with drop off and strong current, others – coral lagoons on 10-20meters depth. St Johns is a great opportunities to every body from beginners to advanced divers.

If we have a chance and the sea is calm the boat could stay on St Johns reefs (dive sites names)  three days on the week trip. But only on good weather conditions we can arrange dives on dive sites name “habeli”.Habili means that coral reef starts on the depth of 4-8 meters and then you jump from the boat you didn’t see the reef at all. There are famous Habili Ali and Habili Gafar. In all weather conditions boat can be fixed on “gota”. Gota means that reef starts on the surface, gota protects boat from waves. There are famous Gota Kebira and Gota Soghayar.  Another advantage of St Johns is night dive. Every day of the trip night dive can be offered.

St Johns itinerary includes Fury Shoal – Sataya – dive sites on south part of the Red Sea, 40km south from Hamata, there are well-known dive sites: Maksur, Claudia, Malahy. Here is Dolphine house – the lagoon with sandy bottom on the depth of 10 to 15 meters. Dolphins come here in the mornings and we can try to meet them there. It is prohibited to dive in the lagoon of Dolphin House, but the visibility is perfect and you can see trough the lagoon from the surface, so Dolphin house – nice place for snorkeling and maybe be with dolphins.

The ratio of dive areas and sites, quantity of dives and marina to start or finish can be changed by logistic of the boat or weather reasons.

Week program:

SaturdayArrival, transfer to the boat, accomodation
Sunday2-3 dive and night transition to St Johns
Monday4 dives Johns including night dive
Tuesday4 dives St Johns including night dive
Wenesday4 dives St Johns including night dive
Thusday4 dives Fury-Shoal including night dive
Friday2 dives Marsa Alam area
Saturday Check-out and transfer to the airport