Deadalus, Sataya, St Johns, Rocky, Zabargad "hammerheads, dolphins, caves, Zabargad's wreck"

Start from marina Marsa Galeb, come back to Marsa Galeb. 

In one week cruise you visit four attraction points of the Southern Red sea: 

Daedalus (Abu Kizan) 

reefs system Sataya -Fury Shoal 

islands Rocky, Zabargad

reefs system St Johns

Islands  Rocky, Zabargad are Marine parks, islands are located 40 km north from the Sudanese border, very close to each other.

This itinerary is good combination of red sea possibilities: drop off walls on Daedalus and corals gardens, caverns and relax of St Johns, Sataya - Fury Shoal. This itinerary is open for advanced divers only, who made not less than 30 dives in open water conditions. 

Daedalus or Abu Kizan. The first name is given to the reef by admiralty charts. The second name's origine is arabic word "kizan" mean "pottery" as there is a Wreck at the Northern side of the reef that had a kargo of pottery. In present time the wreck is totally destroyed by waves. 

Main attraction points on Daedalus are marine life, south plateau and dramatic walls at the North, West and East. 
Hummer heads paradise is here, you can see also oceanic white tip sharks, shoals of fishes, barracudas, tunas... 

Due to safety reasons nights dives on Daedalus are not provided at all. In summer period we arrange up to 4 day-dives, in winter time 3 day-dives guaranteed. Claimed number of dives is not guaranteed, the final amount depends on weather conditions, a particular week, the special conditions of the contract, if any.

References to Zabargad were found at the time of the Roman Empire. The name of Zabargad comes from the semi-precious stone – peridot (green with golden hue) “zaberged” in Arabic which had been found here. Mines operated in Pharaonic Egypt are abandoned now.

Special highlight is a wreck on southwest part of Zabargad. This wreck Hanka is surrounded by rumors. The main version indentifies Hanka as a soviet spy boat. South side of Zabargad offers an unforgettable dive in a miraculous coral garden on a step of the stairs.


On Rocky all sides are drop off. In a strong current you find a lot of sharks on South point of Island and in all conditions – drifts. At Rocky water color is specific blue and perfect visibility up to 80 meters.

Very nice place, rich underwater world, once visited the island remains forever in the memory and dream to come back.

St Johns is one of famous dive safari itinerary in the Egyptian Red Sea. Several corals reefs on the southern end of the Egyptian Red Sea are collected under this name. St Johns reefs are close to the Tropic of Cancer and Zabargad island.

Dive sites on St Johns give a lot of diversity. There are some dive sites with drop off and strong current, others – coral lagoons on 10-20meters depth. St Johns is a great opportunities to every body from beginners to advanced divers.

If we have a chance and the sea is calm the boat could stay on St Johns reefs (dive sites names)  three days on the week trip. But only on good weather conditions we can arrange dives on dive sites name “habeli”.Habili means that coral reef starts on the depth of 4-8 meters and then you jump from the boat you didn’t see the reef at all. There are famous Habili Ali and Habili Gafar. In all weather conditions boat can be fixed on “gota”. Gota means that reef starts on the surface, gota protects boat from waves. There are famous Gota Kebira and Gota Soghayar.  Another advantage of St Johns is night dive. Every day of the trip night dive can be offered.

Elfinstone - a star dive site north of Marsa Alam. This name was given by international marine shart. The arabic name Shagra means Blondie. If you are moored at the reef on a sunny morning, when you look at the shore, you will see a solitarily bright red mountain which is called Shagra Mountain or The Blondie Mountain. There are two versions of the international name Elfinstone "stone of elves" and "elephant".  The absence of this reef in the list of marine parks looks like misunderstanding. Elfinstone is known by unpredictable currents.

The reef is located almost in the direction from north to south (NNW-SSE), a length  is 350 m and a width is 70 meters. There are unlimited points of attaction at this reef and they are all related to the extremely generous reef formation and its location. You can find big marine life hanging around the reef on all sides, at different depths of blue water. On the north there are two plateaus: on -20m and on -40m. This is a perfect sharks points. There is a chance to meet hammerheads especially early morning. The southern plateau descends slowly till 40 m and after 40 drop off.

The itinerary includes also reefs system Fury Shoal - Sataya situated in the «middel» south of the Red sea, 40km south from Hamata. Fury Shoal - Sataya includes many well known dive sites: MaksurClaudiaMalahyAbu Galawa.

Dolphine house is located here too – big lagoon with sandy bottom 10-15 meters deep there dolphins can be meet seldom.

Scuba diving here is forbiden, only snorkeling is allowed, the visibility is very good and it is possible to see the bottom and all dolphins if they come from the surface. 

L'itinéraire est très riche, variées et chargées des sites de plongées, est recommandée aux plongeurs expérimentés.

Week program:

Saturdaytransfer to the boat, accomodation,, briefing
Sunday2-3 dives
Monday3-4 dives Daedalus
Tuesday4 dives Rocky, Zabargad, St Johns
Wenesday4 dives St Johns
Thurday4 dives Sataya-Fury Shoal
Friday2 dives Marsa Alam et Elfinstone 
Saturday Check-out and transfer to the airport
Daedalus, Rocky, Zabargad MAP.jpg
daedalus reef abu el kizan_resize.jpg  
Abu Kizan    

St Johns.jpg


Sataya-Fury Shoal

Hanka Russian wreck on Zabargad.jpg 
Hanka Zabargad's wreck 
Lagoon of Dolphin house.jpg

Dolphin house
Daedalus: departure the 29.10
Drop off and strong current make perfect conditions for sharks searching and especially for hammerheads. Nice relaxe in the second part of the week in Sataya - Fury Shoal. 
Golden triangle: departure the 25.03, 29.04
Brothers-Daedelus-Elfinstone: Golden triangle or Simply the best. Three golden dive spot in one week. Dropp offs and current. Advanced divers only. 
North Plus: departure the 13.08, 26.11.
The big area of the Red sea in one week. Starting from Elfinstone through Panorama and Salem Express next to Safaga till northern wrecks as Thistlegorm, Carnatic, Gianis...