Nitrox, gear rental, 15l tanks, courses aboard DiveSafariMaster liveaboard EGYPT

Rental prices stated in euros per dive week, are applicable only when paid in cash in euros upon arrival at the boat. 
BCD 36 €
Regulator including octopus 36 €
Suite 5 mm36 €
Computer42 €
Mask and snorkel18 €
Fins18 €
Boots18 €
Torch30 €
Full equipment set including torch without computer180 €
Full equipment set including computer220 €
15l tank rent35 €
Nitrox 1 tank 12l7 €
Nitrox unlimited package in 12l tank70 €
Nitrox unlimited package in 15l tank90 €
Buoy18 €

Prices do not apply when payment is made via bank transfer or card payment. Local currency is not accepted.

To ensure a smooth process, the rental order must be submitted no later than one week before the trip. The order should include the client’s HEIGHT and WEIGHT, and when ordering boots, the foot size according to the European system.

Fins provided have an open heel designed for wearing with boots. 

For the safety of divers during a cruise, please note that boots and fins with an open heel are necessary. The diver moves between dive and jump decks, rides in a zodiac, and safety is ensured with these specific gear requirements. We do not rent closed heel fins.
Thank you for prioritizing safety on your diving adventure with us.

Penalties for lost or damaged equipment by customer.
BCD 280 €
Regulator including octopus 380 €
Suite 5 mm140 €
Computer230 €
Mask and snorkel25 €
Fins90 €
Boots30 €
Torch80 €
Specialty Courses. All courses are fixed final rate not including commissions. 
Nitrox course PADI 185€The nitrox course allows you to use an air mixture with an increased oxygen content. This is a must-have for every diver, the right degree of freedom in choosing a mixture for the duration of the cruise. Always available, better to order in advance, if so, e-learning will be provided before the trip and diver could start using nitrox directly aboard.
Deep diver PADI course 150€After this course you will be allowed to make dives till 40meters depth, this is absolutely necessary for Advance open water certificate holder to make deep dives on Daedalus or Brothers and to not stay “under the group” on the allowed by their card depth which is 30 meters. During this course the diver learns emergency decompression procedures, how to plan deeper, safer dives, while understanding the risks involved in deep diving. Always available. Better to book in advance.
Advanced Open Water 285€This course is necessary to join any liveaboard trip. The diver can book with OWD and fulfill the AOWD course aboard. This course allow to make dives till 30meters (PADI). Always available. Better to book in advance.
Introduction to Scuba
2 hours 140€
Non-divers discover the beauty of scuba diving under the guidance of a personal dive instructor, includes all equipment and 2 open water introduction dives. On request.
Open Water PADI 450€ The main course which is the first recognized step in scuba diving training knows as OPEN WATER COURSE. This course gives the fundamentals to become a confident and capable scuba diver. Upon successful completion of OWD course a diver receives internationally recognized scuba diver license which can be used forever and wherever across the globe. OWD course requires starting lessons in swimming pool, but on easy route we can handle the course aboard. This course should be confirmed upfront as it is not possible for same liveaboard trip to arrange it. On request.