Last frontier, halaib: Abu Fendira

The cruise itinerary ST JOHNS ABU FENDIRA (HALA’IB)

The St Johns dive cruise itinerary, Abu Fendira includes two South Red Sea Extreme Reef systems: Abu Fendira and St Johns and a medium-sized coral network of the South Sataya-Fury Shoal.

Abu Fendira – reef system at the Sudanese border in the heart of Hala’ib triangle. Abu Fendira is a 4-hour boat ride from St Johns. Abu Fendira – the reefs as a coral necklace: the lagoons of the virgin corals. Locals of these amazing places – Sudanese parrots, absolutely not afraid of divers, good immersion in this place gives you the opportunity to look closely for a long time.

St. Johns – 15 sites – some well-known, other hidden and unknown practices are located in the Tropic of Cancer. The St Johns reefs are very diverse and usually form a separate route. The assets of St Johns are the sites Habili – Habili Ali, Habili Gafar, the surface of the Habilis begins at 4 and 6 meters deep that makes very difficult to park the boat even in weak excitation of the sea.

St Johns is one of the most famous routes of the Egyptian Red Sea. Under this name are coral reefs at the southern end of the Egyptian Red Sea close to the Tropic of Cancer and the Zabargad.

The network of the St Johns reefs gives a lot of diversities: some – with the vertical walls and strong current, others – the lagoons of 10-20meters depth – that open all possibilities for the divers of all levels starting from those which begin until the well experienced divers.

If you are lucky and the sea is calm the boat stays in the St Johns network for three days on the cruise week. The boat moves between the reefs, and one can dive to the star reefs whose corau hat begin at depth of 4-8 meters: “habeli”, asHabili Ali, Habili Gafar. If not, even under the condition of excitement of the sea the boat finds the protected place whose surface of the reefs is at the water’s edge: “gota”, like Gota Kebira, Gota Soghayar. Another advantage of the St Johns itinerary is that every night of the cruise you can organize a night dive with magnificent lagoons with sand and coral bottom and an ideal depth of 10-20 meters.

The route also includes the coral Fury Shoal – Sataya network in the south but say “average” of the Red Sea to 40km south of Hamata, it consists of well known reefs: Maksur, Claudia, Malahy, each of which deserves a dive. Here is Dolphine house – a sand-bottomed lagoon with an average depth of 10 to 15 meters where dolphins come to play in mornings quite often so that we can try to meet them there. Scuba diving in the Dolphin House lagoon is forbidden but the visibility is absolute and you can see the depth of the surface, palm, mask and tube well enough. The order of the reagents and the amount of dives can be changed for reasons of boat logistics or weather.

The route is very rich, varied and loaded dive sites, is recommended to divers of different levels.

The sites at OHROB are not included in the one week cruise.

The program of one week cruise dive safari 

SaturdayL’arrivée, le transfert au bateau, l’accomodation, le briefing 
Sunday2-3 plongées et navigation de nuit à St Johns
Monday4 plongées St Johns y compris la plongée de nuit
Tuesday4 plongées Abu Fendira y compris la plongée de nuit
Wednesday4 plongées St Johns y compris la plongée de nuit
Fursday4 plongées Fury-Shoal y compris la plongée de nuit
Friday2 plongées Marsa Alam
Saturday Le départ du bateau, le transfer à l’aéroport