Dive itinerary North classic includes best wrecks and reefs of northern part of the Red Sea. Abu Nuhas wrecks, SS Thistlegorm, Ras Muhamed and Tiran or Salem Extress are attached.
North classic itinerary is a good combination of reefs and wrecks. Cruising times between dive sites aren’t long. The route includes top wrecks of the Red Sea “must have, must dive”.

Safari starts from Hurghada and the boat is moving to Abu Nuhas, than Thistlegorm, than Ras Muhamed, Tiran or go down to Salem Express.

Strait of Gubal, Abu Nuhas. Here many ships sunk. Fairly well preserved and suitable for inspection by divers: Carnatic, Giannis D, Marcus, Kimon M. The whole day is allocated to these wrecks.

The absolute top wreck is SS Thistlegorm. This 128m length ships sunk in October 1941, in the course of the fourth hike. Most of the team consisting of 41 people escaped. The ship is at depths of 15-30 meters, making it ideal for inspection by divers. Normally we provide 2-3 dives here: first a general inspection, the second – penetration into bilges and if no current night dive on the wreck.

The program include more North of the Red Sea Ras Mohamed and Tiran or more Safaga area Salem Express and Panorama.

Immersion in the reserve of Ras Muhammed is planned by our dive guides extremely early in the morning, when the area of ​​the reserve of Ras Mohamed is free Daily bots.

Salem Express. The tragic page navigation Egyptian ferry sank recently in 1991, bumping into the reef by mistake captain shortcut. In the course of the disaster could be saved, not all passengers. Only the official list of victims exceeds 800 persons. It helds two dives: the first external examination, the second – a penetration. Both dives are impressive. The ferry lies at a depth of 25 meters.

Rich, varied route diving safari. It is recommended for all divers.

Immersions in area of Hurghada, Abu Nuhas (Carnatic, Giannis D, Marcus, Kimon M), Thistlegorm (Shaab Ali), Dunraven (Beacon Rock).

1st dayArrival, transfert to the boat, accomodation and briefing
2nd day2-3 dives at Hurghada area including night-dive
3rd day4 dives including night-dive Abu Nuhas
4th day4 dives including night-dive (Thistlegorm, Dunraven)
5th day4 dives including night-dive If route A) Ras Muhammed, Tiran, If route B) Hurghada-Sahl Hasheesh
6th day4 dives including night-dive If route A) Hurghada, If route B) Salem Express, Panorama
7th day2-3 dives at Fanus area and back to marina hurghada
8th dayCheck-out from the boat and transfert to the airport