Sudan Cousteau’s route

The Sudan Dive Cruise Itinerary (Cousteau’s Route) is an ideal selection of beautiful dive sites in the central and northern waters of Sudan: Shaab Suedi, Gurna Reef, Merlo Reef, Gota Shambaia, Abington Reef, Angarosh, Shaab Rumi, Sanganeb, Umbria wreck.

This route includes Shaab Rumi Reef, located 48 km from Port Sudan. This reef is part of the list of the most famous dive sites on planet Earth. The reef acquired such fame mainly thanks to the Precontinent II station, positioned here in 1963 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau during his experiments, which are documented in the film “A world without sun”, which still retains its appeal to people. viewers, despite the fact that half a century has passed since the filming. Shaab Rumi is a lagoon framed by a coral reef. In several places, corals have been blown up, creating passageways for small dive boats. The underwater portion of the reef is a plateau at a depth of 25 meters and virtually visible reef walls extending into the depth. On the plateau, a counter-shark cage, an aquarium and a “garage” have been preserved, which were part of a series of “Submarine periphery of the continent II” experiments. Today, Shaab Rumi is inhabited only by underwater inhabitants. Undoubtedly, the brightest representatives of these places will meet here – bronze hammerhead sharks and dark feathered gray reef sharks, schools of barracuda and tuna in uncountable quantities. The place is so crowded and picturesque that you can dive into it day after day and never tire of the underwater beauties. But the cruise is limited by time and other wonderful places await the divers, the boat usually stays in Shaab Rumi for a few days.

The northern course of the diving cruise includes Sanganeb National Park. It consists of 124 coral reefs of incredible variety. There is a lighthouse on which the Sudanese military (3-4 people) do their service, they gladly receive rare visitors to the lighthouse.

The reefs of northern Sudan, Abington Reef and Angarosh, are two isolated reefs, at a distance of 4 km from each other with steep walls and small steps leading down to the depths. The places are akin to the Daedalus Reef in the Egyptian Red Sea part. Abington Reef is a large reef approximately 500m in diameter. On the Abington Reef, on the southeast side, there is a plateau at a depth of 30m, the steep walls of the reef descend to a depth of 400m. There is a lighthouse on Abington. Angarosh is approximately 200 meters by 400 meters. On Angarosh Reef, there are two plateaus at 20, 40 and a 60m walk on the southern part of the reef, with steep walls on the other sides. It is the meeting place of hammerhead sharks. Mantas have been seen here quite often. Extraordinary places. High point of the Sudanese course, the reefs deserve several days, generally 2-3 dives are carried out on each one.

A Umbria wreck, due to its location, is included in all Sudanese diving cruise itineraries. It is a large Italian ship (153 m) sunk just a kilometer and a half from Port Sudan. Umbria is located at a depth of 5 to 38 meters and the masts even protrude from the surface of the water. When Italy planned to enter World War II in May 1940, Umbria left Naples with ammunition, explosives and bombs. On June 9, near Port Sudan, a British minesweeper and a New Zealand cruiser forced Captain Umbria to drop anchor near the coast to inspect the cargo. The captain heard on the radio that Italy had entered the war and gave the order to open the Kingstones. When diving in Umbria, it is especially interesting to get inside – to decks and holds, because the premises themselves (galley, engine room, cabins) and all cargo (ammunition, cars Fiat and even bottles of wine) are there – practically safe. Umbria has historical value and is a wreck divers dream come true.

Week program:

MondayArrival, transfer to the boat, accomodation
Tuesday2-3 dive and night transition 
Wednesday4 dives including night dive
Thursday4 dives including night dive
Wenesday4 dives including night dive
Thusday4 dives including night dive
Friday2 dives area
Saturday Check-out and transfer to the airport