MY JP Marine COVID free zone

Please find below photos of equipment Covid free, the Covid certificate provided by Ministery of Tourism and photo of temperature check aboard. 

 -We have a protocol implemented by Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of health and Chamber of diving and watersports. First of all guests arrive with negative PCR test.

-On board we check body temperature twice a day and in case of temperature more 37.5 or/and any symptoms appear the guest is placed in the quarantine room where he stays till we hand over him by special procedure to authorized hospital to test him proper way.

-All our clients arrive holding negative test done, so the boat is absolutely safe space. We also have sanitizers and the main deck and upper deck lounge is now clean ing 3 times per day with antibacterial liquids. 

– JP Marine boat also successfully passed COVID commission and received an authorization for work. Official commissions occur almost before every departure to check the boat.

We are having a lot of clients every week in JPMarine and we never had a situation that a client catched the covid infection.