Unknown South V

« Unknown South V – Expedition to the South and research of sunken plane ».

We have done the St Johns course over 200 times. Sometimes it was St Johns + Rocky Zabargad or StJohns, Abu Fendera. Every time we did this route we did our best to visit the most interesting dive sites BUT! We still had to go through so many other sites for which there was not enough time because the day was scheduled. The majority of other liveaboards did not visit them either.

That’s why we’re bringing you a series of unique Expeditions and now is the time to kick off the next and quite possibly the last part: « Unknown South V – Expedition South and Searching for Sunken Plane ». Each day we will dive into a site never visited before (at least by us) and continue the search for sunken aircraft (based on information received during previous expeditions!)

A unique dive expedition program featuring dives to « unknown » dive sites in the southernmost part of the Egyptian part of the Red Sea and the featured reefs of the Abu Fendira-St Johns-Fury Shoal – Sataya region .

The plan:

– continue the search for the fuselage of the sunken aircraft,

– visit the new places that divers loved on the previous expedition on June 12 and draw diagrams of dive sites,

– visit new places that we have not managed to integrate in previous expeditions

– visit the star and 100% hit dive sites of the far south: Abu Fendira, St. Johns, Fury Shoal, Staya Region are waiting for you!

The expedition will take place from 01 to 08 April 2023 along the StJohns Abu Fendera route.

During the first expedition, in March 2021, we found debris of the aircraft at a depth of 5 to 12 meters inside the reef. During the second expedition, in June 2021, it was decided to try to find the fuselage of the aircraft inside the reef system, that is, to start the dive with the parts already found and to move by a long line inward. At a depth of 18m, a new object was discovered, similar to a certain reservoir.

No mark, no inscription was found on it. After finding it, we were inspired. But, after passing another 100m to the depth of 27m, we found nothing else. Back at the reef, we finished the dive going straight to the boat.

The version that the plane hitting the reef is inside the lagoon reef system can be taken as checked. Result: it is not there.

During the Unknown South II in June, we found new pieces of sunken plane and the theory is clarifying, the research must continue!

Next time, as part of the Unknown St Johns III expedition from April 01 to 08, 2023, a new attempt was made to find the body of the plane outside the reef. The new version looks like this: the plane struck the reef, its fuselage rests on the outside of the reef, the debris found inside was originally on the reef and the waves gradually dragged them towards the inside the reef. The tank found during « Unknown South II » much further away than the rest of the debris (found during « Unknown South I in March 2021) confirms this theory, as it could have positive buoyancy and drain later than the rest of the wreckage, having swam 40-50 meters on the surface.

The program of one week dive safari trip 

SaturdayTransfer to the boat, accomodation, boat briefing 
Sunday2-3 dives
Monday4 dives including night dive
Tuesday4 dives including night dive
Wednesday4 dives including night dive
Fursday4 dives including night dive
Friday2 dives and Marsa Alam
SaturdayMorning check-out and group transfer to Hurghada