St Johns, Zabargad

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Itinerary Rocky, Zabargad, St Johns

 In one week cruise you visit three attraction points of the southern Red sea: islands Rocky, Zabargadand reefs system St Johns. Islands Rocky, Zabargad are Marine parks, islands are located 40 km north from the Sudanese border, very close to each other.

References to Zabargad were found at the time of the Roman Empire. The name of Zabargad comes from the semi-precious stone – peridot (green with golden hue) “zaberged” in Arabic which had been found here. Mines operated in Pharaonic Egypt are abandoned now.

Special highlight is a wreck on southwest part of Zabargad. This wreck Hanka is surrounded by rumors. The main version indentifies Hanka as a soviet spy boat. South side of Zabargad offers an unforgettable dive in a miraculous coral garden on a step of the stairs.


On Rocky all sides are drop off. In a strong current you find a lot of sharks on South point of Island and in all conditions – drifts. At Rocky water color is specific blue and perfect visibility up to 80 meters.

Very nice place, rich underwater world, once visited the island remains forever in the memory and dream to come back.


St Johns collect coral reefs at the southern end of the Egyptian Red Sea close to the Tropic of Cancer and the Zabargad island. The reef system St Johns includes more than 10 different reefs and to explore St Johns one week cruise not enough. That why in connection with islands only 3-4 main St Johns dive sites can be visited.


On the way back to Marsa Galeb we visit Fury Shoal – Sataya. Dive sites of theMiddle Red Sea 40km south of Hamata, it is well-known dive sites: Maksur, Claudia, Malahy, Abu Galawa and Sataya.


The itinerary is very full and diverse, recommended to all divers.


The cruise program:


Arrival, transfert, boat accomodation at Marina Marsa Galeb


Start sailing from Marina Marsa Ghaleb, 2 dives and night navigation to Rocky, Zabargad


4 dives Rocky, Zabargad included 1 night dive in case of good weather conditions


4 dives Zabargad, St Johns included 1 night dive


dives, St Johns included 1 night dive


4 dives Fury Shoal-Sataya included 1 night dive


2 dives Marsa Alam area and back to Marina Marsa Galeb


Check-out after breakfast

The order of the reefs and the quantity of dives can be changed for the logistic reasons or weather condition.

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Daedalus: departure the 29.10
Drop off and strong current make perfect conditions for sharks searching and especially for hammerheads. Nice relaxe in the second part of the week in Sataya - Fury Shoal. 
Golden triangle: departure the 25.03, 29.04
Brothers-Daedelus-Elfinstone: Golden triangle or Simply the best. Three golden dive spot in one week. Dropp offs and current. Advanced divers only. 
North Plus: departure the 13.08, 26.11.
The big area of the Red sea in one week. Starting from Elfinstone through Panorama and Salem Express next to Safaga till northern wrecks as Thistlegorm, Carnatic, Gianis...