South wrecks

This exclusive dive itinerary open unknown Southern Red sea wrecks. This program debunks the myth that in the south of the Red Sea there are no wrecks. As a plus this dive itinerary cover best dive sites in the areas: Safaga, Salem Express, Fury Shoal - Satay and Elfinstone. 

Day 1: Start from Hurghada. Two dives: check-dive and wreck Poseidonia (Al Kahfain), Al Kahfain went down in November 2005 followin onboard fire, all crew rescued. Al Kahfein is 114 m long ferry, 4-24 m depth.

Day 2: Salem Express and Panorama reef. Salem Express story is a tragic page in Egyptian navigation. The ferry sank recently, in 1991, bumped into the reef by captains mistake who cutted the road of vessel in order to arrive faster. The official list of the victims is over than 800 people. The average depth is 25 meters. One or two dives with penetration inside. 

Day 3: 4 dives in the region Marsa Alam, including Elfinstone and wreck on the reef Abu Gosoom (ghusum) MV Hamada Sri Lankan 70 meter long cargo ship, launched in 1965, sank in 1993, on his way from Jeddah to Suez loaded with plastic, located at a depth 14 meters, completely accessible for inspection. 

Day 4: 4 dives in the region Fury Shoal: 2 Maksur morning and go to Ras Banas SS Turbo "half wreck", also called Atlas, sank near Ras Bananas (Sataya El Bar). SS Turbo was a British steam cargo ship, lounched in 1912, in 1939 was taken over under goverment contol and armed with a single 12-pounder gun. The ship had been  envolved in war efforts twice, heavily damaged, repaired,  but could be used as stationary bulk storage faciliry. In 1941 SS Turbo departed Suez in the tow of the Gladys Moller and in heavy weather Turbo suddenly broke in half. Both section sank and only one part found. 

Day 5: 4 dives in the region of Fury Shoal. Abu Galawa: (SS Adamantia K, Tugboat, Yacht Wreck). Night dive.

Day 6: 2 dives in the region Marsa Alam and arrival to Marine Marsa Alam. 

The program can be arranged in opposite direction from Marsa Alam to Hurghada due to boat logistic. 

Daedalus: departure the 29.10
Drop off and strong current make perfect conditions for sharks searching and especially for hammerheads. Nice relaxe in the second part of the week in Sataya - Fury Shoal. 
Golden triangle: departure the 25.03, 29.04
Brothers-Daedelus-Elfinstone: Golden triangle or Simply the best. Three golden dive spot in one week. Dropp offs and current. Advanced divers only. 
North Plus: departure the 13.08, 26.11.
The big area of the Red sea in one week. Starting from Elfinstone through Panorama and Salem Express next to Safaga till northern wrecks as Thistlegorm, Carnatic, Gianis...